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Thank you for taking the most exquisite photographs of our wedding. You didn't miss a moment. The weekend went by in a blink, so it was particularly poignant for us to relive not only the events, but the emotional nuance that you captured in the photos. Every time someone watches a slideshow of the images, they're completely moved because, as we've been told, it feels like they're "experiencing the moment with us." This was a recurring comment among the many rave reviews--my mother has shown our photos to anyone that will hold still long enough!

Working with you was a joy. You were warm and engaging yet totally professional and unobtrusive. We can't wait to celebrate the next photo-worthy occasion with you! Thank you again.

Warm regards,

Kate Leitch & Terence Kooyker

New York, NY

There is something about the way Matt captures the light, especially in his black and white photos, that makes them so exquisite and emotionally charged. Matt has photographed three weddings and a 25th wedding anniversary (wedding we never had) for our family and his images have consistently made people weep with their beauty. Actually, I am the one who is usually crying (for joy) at these events and he makes my tears look beautiful.

Judith Corrente

New York, NY

We were married during hurricane Irene and without warning we faced a barrage of disasters: our tent flooded, our band left early, and one-third of our friends and family canceled last-minute. Despite this, we laughed and danced and never worried about Matt's ability to capture the moments that made our wedding so epic and memorable. Even though our wedding was cut short (by four hours!), we can live in the beauty of our day forever thanks to Matt's artful eye. Whenever we look at our photos, we are reminded of the important things in life--love and happiness.

Rachel & Adam Kushner

Brooklyn, NY

We are completely thrilled with how our wedding photographs turned out – the most unique & wonderful part of Matt’s work is how he captures the essence of different moments with such honesty and clarity….and somehow he does this in a remarkably subtle way; we were not even aware he was taking pictures most of the time but he really captured everything. We love our formal / posed pictures too - Matt shot them beautifully and with incredible speed. Looking at our photos I feel like I’m re-living specific moments and feelings, which I am so grateful for because the actual day happened so quickly. I can’t wait to show our wedding photos to future generations!

Wallis Wilkenson & Ben Tsai

New York, NY

Matt Gillis was an absolute dream to work with. With calm determination and crystal-clear focus, he was able to capture the essence of our big, rowdy group of family and friends in both posed and candid shots. The result is a stunning compilation of photographic memories that will undoubtedly make us smile for years to come.

Marisa and Paul Belger

New York, NY

Matt’s photographs exude incredible intimacy and elegance. He was able to capture the mood, meaning and personality of our wedding both through formal images and a wonderful montage of informal shots. He preserved all the special moments that would have been lost otherwise and we hardly knew he was there! We will always cherish his beautiful images.

Amy Taylor

Nelson Rockefeller, jr.

After having such a magical wedding day, I only wished it could have lasted longer until I received my beautiful wedding photos from Matt. In many photos were moments I remember every single detail but in several other photos, Matt captured the evening through my family and friend’s eyes, completing each and every memory for me! With Matt's superb photography I will cherish these memories for a lifetime!

Emily Weaver

Alain Pinon

New York, NY

We are fully recovered and were just thrilled with everything....the weather, the ceremony, the band, the food, the decor, most certainly Sarah and Jarrad's joy, and now your photos, which have captured it all! It is so much fun for me to actually see the wedding, because when you're in it, you miss it! The church and the reception looked beautiful, and of course, I only had eyes for Sarah and Jarrad. So, thanks for giving us the opportunity to really "be there" again and again.

Becky Reugger

Rye, NY

The pictures from our wedding look like they were pulled from a dream. Every single image captured a moment in time we will never forget. Matthew was so incredible to have around that everyone felt so relaxed, so the pictures are just perfect and magical. It was difficult to translate the beauty and the magic that we all shared that weekend, but somehow every picture does. No one else could have done it.

Laura & Casey Wasserman

Beverly Hills, CA

As a television professional, I wasn't so focused on the still photography when we got married but my husband was the one who told me the stills were the most important for our future. Having found Matt Gillis, I can honestly say it doesn't matter whether or not we have a video - the stills are so incredible, they tell the story we want to cherish forever. Everyone who was at the wedding thinks they look better in the photos than they did in real life (how often does that happen?). A few key things about Matt if you are reading this while choosing a photographer:

1) He is completely unobtrusive - his photojournalism background is probably a part of the reason he seems to just blend in, without having to stage things or add harsh lights. When you look at the proofs you will be amazed that he could so beautifully capture many moments that were "real", no matter what the lighting or circumstance.

2) He is great with kids and family! For us, with a wedding of only 40 close family members and friends, we had kids of all ages as participants in the ceremony. Capturing their involvement was important to us. Matt was able to work with them effortlessly, and it shows in their joy in the photos. Plus whatever "dynamics" you may have amongst family members, he tactfully files away in his memory bank and makes sure things are handled as you wish.

3) OK, enough about the process. As for the product, the photos are EXQUISITE! It was nearly impossible to pare down the choices for our album, and I spent days poring over the proofs on our dining room table to try to select the most wonderful ones. As it was, I had to max out the album at 70 pages because there were just too many images I wanted to keep forever - and all of our family and friends loved the way they looked in the photos.

We used Matt's images on our first holiday card as a couple, and they continue to give us pleasure in our second year of marriage. Matt's work is truly one of a kind. In fact, sometimes when we have a disagreement, it is one of the images he captured of us (in the limo, or laughing, or on the street) that reminds us of the love we felt at that moment. So in a way, he is part of our marriage now! If he is available for your event, don't even think twice.

Alexis and Stephen Kaufmann

Washington, DC